Doggers Training  (CPCCLDG3001A)


In order to work alongside crane operators as well as truck drivers, you will need a dogman ticket. We can help you get your dogman ticket at Emerald Training. At Emerald, we offer an extensive dogman course designed to help you comply with the top-of-the-line safety and industry compliance standards.

Our dogman course is a nationally recognized qualification that will allow you to get a job as a crane operator which involves estimating load weight or lifting gear. Here are a few salient features of our dogman course offered at Emerald Training:

  • Suitable for new/existing workers
  • Courses can be offered at our place or yours
  • Extensive formal classes for proper training
  • 40 hours of logbook training under the supervision of our expert trainers
  • Meets high-risk license requirements
  • Complete course coverage
  • Improved career opportunities
  • Competency based assessment
  • A nationally recognized certificate


Crane Training (TLILIC4009)


The crane training course offered at Emerald Training will get you your crane license, thus allowing you to operate high-risk machinery and expand your career options. Operating a crane is not as easy as it looks. Our expert trainers and highly knowledgeable staff will guide you from start to finish on how to run the crane properly. With our extensive knowledge, you can get your crane ticket in a short span of time.

This is a nationally recognized qualification that gets you up to speed with all of the safety and compliance standards that are applicable to the industry. Here are some of the salient features of this crane license course:

  • Classroom based training with videos and demonstrations by our expert staff on how to operate a crane properly
  • Reliable practical training to meet your logbook requirements
  • A highly detailed training plan
  • Written and practical assessments
  • Provision of training materials including a high visibility vest
  • A nationally recognized certificate to prove your crane ticket