High Risk Work Licences

High Risk Courses

A High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) permits you to legitimately work with certain high danger gear and construction equipment, such as, Forklifts (TLILIC0003), Crane C2 (up to 20 tonnes – TLILIC0022), C6 (up to 60 tonnes – TLILIC0023), C0 (over 100 tonnes – TLILIC0020) Scaffolding (CPCCLSF2001 – CPCCLSF3001 – CPCCLSF4001), Dogman ticket in Brisbane (CPCCLDG3001) and Rigging (CPCCLRG3001 – CPCCLRG3002 – CPCCLRG4001).

Emerald Training Services is here on the off chance that you need a rigging ticket in Brisbane, or need to apply for an extra class on your current HRWL as a scaffolding ticket in Brisbane. As a nationally registered training organisation (RTO), we are here to offer you the comprehensive training you need to earn your licence.

Once your training is completed, one of our professional assessors here at Emerald Training Services will evaluate your progress and competency of the aspects of the work, and lead you to the accreditation of the High Risk Work Licence.

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