Dogman Ticket Brisbane – Dogman Licence Brisbane

Dogman Ticket Brisbane

Are you planning to be a dogman in Brisbane? Are you still looking for the right guidance? Do you still not know that much about the dogging field? Do you still feel like you need to know more? Are there dozens of training but you still cannot choose the right one? This article is definitely a time saver. It will definitely save you from the heaps of search and exploration. This article compiles all that you need to know about being a dogman and about obtaining the Dogman Ticket Brisbane. First, Emerald Training Services is definitely the right choice of a training centre in order to obtain professional training. This is if you need to obtain everything it takes to qualify you for getting the Dogman Licence.

Why Emerald Training Services

Located in Brisbane, Emerald Training Services is one of Queensland’s highly experienced providers of skilful training courses. Emerald provides you with the right courses which are crucial in order to qualify you to work in the construction industry. These courses are professional enough to qualify you to obtain relevant licences.

When Does The Training Start?

The launch of Emerald Training Services was in 2017 when Emerald first started providing training courses. It was not long ago, but ever since, Emerald Training Services has been successfully providing a wide range of skilful training courses. Emerald provides you with all that you need to have in order to be qualified for obtaining the working licences, which include but are not limited to, the Dogman Ticket.

The courses that Emerald Training provide

Emerald Training Services specialises in delivering the courses that are necessary for obtaining the different work licences, which include the dogman ticket in Brisbane. There are endless reasons why Emerald Training Services is the best choice of a training centre to select for having training prior to obtaining the dogman licence.

Emerald Training Services is registered and authorised

Another reason why Emerald Training Services is the best option for having a training course before obtaining the Dogman Licence is that it is professionally credible. Emerald is a registered training provider. Emerald Training Courses is authorised by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

You obtain a nationally-recognized certification

Since Emerald Training Services is authorised and registered, you would become certified on a national level after completing your training course at Emerald Training Services.

What Dogman Is?

Do you need to precisely know what dogging is all about? Dogging is simply applying slinging procedures in order to make a load move, which also involves selecting and inspecting the lifting gear. Dogging also includes having a crane operator directed towards the load movement when the load is out of the crane operator’s sight.

A Dogman Must Have a Valid Licence

Being professionally licenced with a Dogman Ticket in Brisbane is an essential requirement for anyone who would like to work in the dogging field. Hence, it is very crucial that doggers obtain the Licence before starting their work in the dogging field in Brisbane.

Why is a Dogman Ticket so crucial?

Having a Dogman Brisbane is extremely important to obtain. This is if you would like to work in the dogging field in Brisbane. A reason for this is that dogging needs prior skilful training and professional qualification. This is in order to make sure a dogger can professionally and successfully carry out their tasks. Accordingly, having a valid Dogman Licence is necessary. This is because to be able to work in the dogging field, you must have sufficient professional background on dogging and how it works. This includes being able to lift the gear safely. It also includes understanding the right slinging techniques. It is basically proof that you can professionally carry out the dogging tasks.

Ticket criteria in Brisbane

There are certain conditions that you need to meet. However, these conditions are very basic and easy to meet. Accordingly, you would be able to easily obtain the Ticket. These conditions include:

  • Being 18 years of age and above
  • Obtaining a prior professional training course that is accredited. In addition, you must have an eligible training course that is considered competent enough.
  • Having a sufficient command of English during work.

Does a Dogman Licence Need Renewal?

Just like the driver’s licence! Yes, you need to renew your dogman licence. It needs renewal every 5 years. to renew yours, you just need to make sure you pay the necessary fees to WorkSafe Australia.

Can Doggers Work Without The Ticket?

Surprisingly, doggers who do not hold a Dogman Ticket can still work in the dogging field. However, the process is not that simple and has certain conditions:

Under the supervision

A dogman who does not hold a Dogging Ticket in Brisbane needs to be under the supervision of a competent and professional specialist while working. This is in order to make sure that the dogman who is not certified could carry out the dogging work safely.

The Predetermination of The Load Weight

The professional specialist has to predetermine the weight of the load that the dogman needs to lift.

Having to predetermine the slinging procedures

Another important condition for a dogman who is not certified is that the specialist needs to predetermine the slinging procedures of the load.

The lifting gear conditions

The professional specialist must also predetermine the lifting gear conditions for the dogman who does not hold a dogman ticket.

Predetermining and marking the lifting points

A professional specialist must predetermine the lifting points for the dogman who does not hold the Dogman licence Brisbane. In addition, the professional specialist has to mark them on the load.

Not out of sight

Not licenced dogger cannot lift the load out of the operator’s sight. The dogman who does not hold a Dogman Ticket Brisbane can only lift the load within the field of vision of the operator.

Documentation of procedures

There should be documentation of every procedure that the dogman who does not have the Ticket performs would perform. This has to be done prior to the start of work by the certified dogger. In addition, a professional specialist has to sign this document.

Training importance before obtaining the Dogman Ticket?

Prior to obtaining the Dogman Licence Brisbane, you need to have sufficient training in dogging. Hence, it is necessary to sign up for the right course that would provide you with skilful and knowledgeable training. This is in order to provide you with sufficient background on dogging. In addition, having training would teach you how to follow the right instructions to be able to conduct the right dogging procedures. More importantly, training would make you eligible to obtain the Licence as it is a necessary requirement by the WorkSafe institution.

After completing the course, what is next?

Successfully completing a professional dogging course will qualify you for the next big steps. These steps are:

The Dogman Licence in Brisbane

After completing the dogging course and having sufficient training, you would be able successfully to obtain the ticket.


Following the completion of the training course and you would be eligible to start working in the dogging field. Therefore, being a licensed dogman, you would be able to officially work on construction worksites.

Further education

In addition to being able to work and to obtain the Dogman Ticket Brisbane, there is another merit to completing the training course. After completing the dogging training course, you would be able to continue to obtain further education on rigging. Hence, you could sign up for a rigging course. Accordingly, you would be able to work in both the dogging and the rigging fields.

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