RIIWHS204E Work safely at heights

Course overview:

The purpose of our Working at Heights training is to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience necessary to work safely in any place where there is a risk of falling, causing personal injury. RIIWHS204E work safely at heights course is essential for students working in the construction and mining industries, performing general maintenance duties and any other working environment where a fall is possible from one level to another.

In situations where employees are working at heights, it is essential for employers to take precautions, especially where a person could fall a distance causing injury or death. This is possible when you are working above ground level, working close to unprotected edges or liable to fall through an opening in a floor. The appropriate health and safety training in the workplace is crucial for employees carrying out work at heights.

At Emerald, we will provide you with the necessary training to undertake work at heights. This will involve identifying your work location, activities and requirements, identifying appropriate procedures and site instructions, ensuring safety equipment is fitted correctly, carrying out various tasks at height, storing and maintaining equipment according to procedures and finally performing housekeeping duties.

All aspects of this course will be taught by our highly knowledgeable trainers, through written and practical teachings at our onsite training facility in Brisbane. The course content will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • WHS legislation, Australian standards, and codes of practice
  • Hazard identification and risk control measures
  • Carrying out work safely at heights
  • Various types of safety equipment and their uses
  • Installation of anchor fall protection and associated safety equipment
  • Communication in the workplace with personnel and the various methods of communication for working at heights
  • The importance of personal protective equipment
  • Maintenance of safety equipment, isolation procedures and how to report accordingly
  • How to maintain a clean work area

On successful completion of this course, students will have the knowledge and ability to carry out the following;

  • Identifying potential hazards in the workplace such as the condition of structures, layout of the work area, tools at height and environmental conditions
  • Applying the necessary risk control measures to prevent such hazards from happening or reoccurring
  • Documenting potential risks and hazards in the workplace in compliance with safe work methods and procedures
  • Ensure safe access from ground level when carrying out work at heights
  • Undertaking work at heights using the relevant safety equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Correct installation of the appropriate safety equipment and fall anchor protection
  • Understand the limitations and capabilities of the various safety equipment available.
  • Maintain all equipment and isolate according to procedures if faulty
  • Effectively communicate with personnel in the workplace and ensure appropriate methods of communication are in places such as signs and barricades
  • Understand the manufacturer’s requirements for safety equipment.

All aspects of this course are essential in successfully completing your working at heights training with Emerald. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers will ensure you are site ready to undertake any tasks that involve working at heights in a safe and compliant manner.

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