RIIMPO324F Conduct civil construction grader operations

Course overview:

Emerald have developed a comprehensive training plan for our Grader operations course “conduct civil construction grader operations” providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a grader in many different work settings across the country. Our flexible trainers will providetraining in a small class environment ensuring all students get the support needed to successfully complete this graders course.

A grader is a heavy-duty machine consisting of a long adjustable blade used to create a smooth and flat surface. Graders may also have a scarifying option where the underlying surface layer is ripped up using a scarifier attachment. Graders are most commonly used in the construction and maintenance of roads, preparing the surface for the laying of asphalt.

This course will teach you how to plan and prepare a job for grader operations, conduct routine inspection checks, operate a grader efficiently, attach and remove the relevant attachments for the work being carried out, relocate the grader between worksites and finally maintain a clean work environment.

All aspects of this course will be taught by our highly knowledgeable trainers at our onsite training facility in Brisbane through written and practical teachings. The course material will include, but is not limited to the following;

  • Health and safety regulations, Australian standards and site policies and procedures
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Routine operational checks of the grader
  • Operating a grader using safe operating techniques
  • Various attachments and their capabilities and limitations
  • Isolation procedures
  • Relocation of the grader
  • Effective traffic management plans
  • Emergency procedures and personal protective equipment
  • Earthwork calculations
  • Methods of communication in the workplace

In successful completion of this course, students will have the ability to carry out the following;

  • Identify and monitor hazards in the workplace and report according to safe work practices
  • Implement the necessary control measures to avoid potential hazards from reoccurring
  • Conduct before and after operational checks of the grader and follow shut down procedures
  • Complete grader operations safely and efficiently such as maintaining roads, scarifying, trimming road surfaces, and cutting and maintaining drains.
  • Choose and fit the correct attachments for the specific task being carried out
  • Identify faulty plant and equipment and report according to isolation procedures
  • Relocate grader to a designated location according to site instructions
  • Maintain a clean work environment free from hazards
  • Implement an effective traffic management plan to isolate traffic and prevent accidents
  • Understand the different types of materials and their compaction for safe grader operations
  • Effective communication in the workplace with all workplace personnel and ensure proper use of signs and barricades are in place
  • Comply with relevant legislation, codes of practice and all site policies and procedures
  • Understand manufacturer’s instructions and specifications relevant to the grader
  • Calculate safe working loads

The successful candidate will be competent in conducting all grader operations in a safe and efficient manner across many worksites within Australia.

Our highly knowledgeable trainers at Emerald will ensure you have the confidence and assurance necessary to gain employment in various industries including civil construction, mining and more.

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