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EWP Licence Brisbane

This Guide Will Walk You Through Each Step to get Your EWP Ticket in Brisbane

The world of construction work is one of the first sectors to be touched by technology and has been seeing improvements ever since. One thing that is associated with technology is reaching heights, whether symbolically or practically. Usually, the construction of buildings requires the workers involved to work at greater heights that cannot otherwise be reached by climbing ladders.

The work may also require fine specific details to be taken care of and hanging on a ladder cannot help in the process. Thus, technology aimed to make this part of the construction process efficient and simple with the help of equipment that is commonly known as the elevated work platform. Elevated work platforms EWP Ticket Brisbane are also known as aerial work platforms. In simple terms, this device is meant to provide easy access to otherwise inaccessible places that are located at significant heights away from the ground level.

The Importance of the EWP Ticket in Brisbane

Elevated Work Platform Training is required by law in Australia for construction workers who use this type of equipment in their line of work. Therefore, it is professionally preferable for those workers to have their EWP Ticket Brisbane ready.

The reason why proper training and certification for EWP licence Brisbane is mandated in Brisbane is because of the obvious fact that safety should be of paramount importance within the workplace. When completing a task in Elevated Work Platforms in Brisbane, it is necessary to use the proper tools, equipment, and skills to guarantee safety. If these rules are attended to, the number of work-related accidents will always be kept to an absolute minimum. Moreover, everybody is going to be ready to perform their jobs confidently.

In simple terms,

There are different courses available for the EWP Ticket Brisbane, and to seek out which one has the most relevance to your job, you would have to ask an organization that runs these sorts of courses. The training organization has to be trustworthy so that they can guarantee to get your EWP licence in Brisbane.

What do you get out of it?

There are a variety of jobs in Brisbane where you should have your EWP licence in Brisbane ready. Moreover, it is becoming a legal requirement for both employees and employers to participate in updates to the training.

How to get your EWP Ticket in Brisbane?

First, you have to find accredited EWP instructors to coach you on the safe use of elevated work platforms. Also, finding certified assessors for the EWP Ticket Brisbane test. This should not be too hard in Brisbane. Tons of training organizations in Brisbane offer on-site training. Therefore, you need not worry about travelling around the country. However, with on-site training, you ought to check if there are additional fees for the EWP licence, assessment, and any possible re-assessments. Generally, employers search for an intensive training package for their employees, with everything laid out explicitly in the agreement.

What are the requirements to Apply for the EWP Ticket Brisbane?

  • To be over 18 to participate in the training.
  • A basic level of reading and writing skills to be ready to read the material in English.
  • A photo ID and a secondary ID document.

What Do You Learn in the EWP Ticket Brisbane?

Elevated work platform training is predicated on Australian Qualification guidelines. Which includes training on legislation, OHS acts, planning, and health & safety. Training courses also cover the proper utilization of equipment and additionally, the correct use of protective equipment, EWP orientation, and operation.

The Real Deal

With this sort of coaching, it is important that the training also goes beyond the employees’ standards to be “fit to work”. Getting the EWP licence Brisbane is not that easy, but achievable with a proper training organization.

How long does it take to take the EWP Ticket Brisbane?

Usually, elevated work platform training courses take around two days to finish.

Careful though,

You should be aware that trainers might refuse to coach people under the influence of alcohol or drugs in some cases.

And finally,

Attendees who prove competent are to be issued a certificate of accomplishment and are then legally allowed to proceed to work on elevated platforms.

The Necessity of the EWP Training Brisbane

There are several types of equipment and machinery that require a far larger degree of coaching, but there are more potential hazards to pay attention to. Elevated Work Platforms are a real example of this because they require another set of skills. Anyone who is working at heights should know exactly what they are doing. There is little or no room for error once you are a far distance from the ground because one small mistake can have a lot of consequences. This is why nowadays in Brisbane, site chiefs mandate operators to carry the proper license.

You should know that …

EWPs are often split into two main categories. And there are specific training programs tickets for each.

This is a Quick Explanation of the Two EWP Groups and Which Licenses Are Required for Them.

Powered Access Equipment

As the name would suggest, this first group is merely home to power EWPs, but also has its own sub-group of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs).

To use any of this equipment you will have to carry the relevant operator EWP Ticket Brisbane. By this token, the most generally recognized of those is the PAL (Powered Access Licence) card. This card is recognized by both the MCG (Major Contractors Group) and therefore the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). To get the PAL card it will be necessary to undergo proper IPAF training. The IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the safe use of powered access equipment. Per annum, over seventy-thousand operators, are trained by the IPAF worldwide!


When an operator has passed his/her IPAF Training, they will receive an IPAL card. This card may be valid for a five-year period. After that, you will have to redo the training and renew your license.

Manual Access Towers and Platforms

This second group is specifically for non-powered elevation equipment. Therefore, the courses and tickets for this sort of machinery will obviously be very different from those within the first category. A reputable training organization in Brisbane will make the process of getting this license really simple.


Once a trainee has successfully completed their course and training, they are going to have a quick assessment of what they have learned, and thus acquire their EWP Ticket Brisbane of competency, and a photo card to use on-site.

You Should Know That

The EWP Ticket Brisbane is not the only certification for manual operators, but it is the foremost widely known in Brisbane.

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