How to become an excavator operator in Australia?

As an excavator operator, you will be required to use an excavator to make excavations and/or to fill the excavation whether fully or partly. An excavator will help you with this, as it can be used in digging and creating foundations and holes. This is why excavators are usually used for landscape, mining and construction purposes. 

Types of excavators

There are many different types of excavators that you should be aware of prior to starting a career in excavation. These include, but are not limited to,: 

Crawler excavator 

Many excavators usually have tracks. However, the crawler excavators have wheels instead. The crawler excavators are usually used for mining and landscape purposes. 

Suction excavators

These are a type of excavators that vacuum dirt and soil. They are able to do so through the high pressure they generate. Accordingly, they are used for soil and dirt cleaning tasks.j

Mini excavators

These are excavators that come in small sizes. Accordingly, they are mainly used and are able to fit on small worksites and to perform small worksite projects.

Work duties of an excavator operator

As aforementioned, as an excavator operator you are required to use the excavator in excavation and obtain an Excavator training ticket n Brisbane. To do so, there are a variety of duties that you will need to accomplish. These include, but are not limited to,: 


You will need to choose the right and suitable attachments necessary to attach to the excavator when performing the relevant duties. Many of these attachments include buckets, scoops and blades. You will also need to fit them well prior to the start of the excavation tasks and to remove them once you complete the tasks.

Safety and control measures

Like any worksite machine, excavators come with their worksite hazards and risks. This is why it is important, as an excavator operator, that you are well-aware of all the necessary safety and control measures and that you are able to implement them.

Relevant teamwork

It is also important, as an excavator operator, that you are able to cooperate with the other worksite personnel and team members. This is because there will be situations when it will be required to consult and work with other team members on the worksite to accomplish your required tasks.

How to become an excavator operator?

To become an excavator operator, it is essential to have a sufficient background on all what has been aforementioned and even more. In other words, it is crucial that you have an insightful background on what excavators are, their types, their features, how to operate them, what your excavation tasks will be, the excavator-related safety measures and many more. This is why there are essential requirements that you need to fulfil in order to become an excavator operator. These include:

  • Undergoing adequate training. 
  • Completing the relevant logbook.
  • Successfully passing the relevant assessment following the completion of the training and logbook. Following meeting all those requirements, you will be qualified for the next requirement.
  • Successfully obtaining the relevant excavator work licence.

Excavator Training Course

Obtaining the required excavator training is not just about meeting the requirements of becoming an excavator operator. This is because the training course will provide you with all the required knowledge, skills and experience.