What Are High Risk Work Licenses (HRW)

When it comes to handling certain equipment in construction work, you should know that you need certain licenses to perform high-risk work, in case you are handling high-risk equipment. These licences are recognized everywhere in Australia. They serve as proof of your capacity to handle high-risk equipment proficiently under specified standards.

dogman ticket in Brisbane
dogman ticket in Brisbane

The evaluation of operators’ competency in handling equipment, such as dogman, Rigging, and Scaffolding is now subjected to assessment against National Units of Competency according to the newly released National Assessment Instruments (NAIs). The personnel handling these sorts of equipment are now urged to undergo HRW Training courses that qualify them for standardized licenses.

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What Sorts of Construction Work Are Considered High-Risk Work in Brisbane?

Scaffolding work

The erection, alteration, or dismantling of a structure that was specifically erected in order to support a platform from which workers could fall from 4m.

scaffolding course and training in Brisbane is categorized into 3 types, which are:

Basic scaffolding
scaffolding training in Brisbane
scaffolding training in Brisbane

Modular and prefabricated scaffolds. Also, cantilevered materials hoist with a maximum load of 500 kg, ropes and gin wheels, safety nets and static lines, and bracket scaffolds.

Intermediate scaffolding

Cantilevered, crane-loading platforms and spurred scaffolds, Sloping platforms and barrow ramps, Shutters and perimeter safety screens, mast climbers’ tubes, and coupler scaffolds.

Advanced scaffolding

Hung scaffolds involving scaffolds hanging from tubes, wire ropes, chains, and suspended scaffolds.

Dogging work

Obtaining a Dogman Ticket in Brisbane certifies the operator’s capabilities of the selection and inspection of lifting gear in order to safely load, and direct cranes in regards to the navigations of loads. That is when the load is out of the operator’s sight by using slinging techniques. Additionally, it qualifies his choices and inspection of lifting gear.

Rigging work

riggers ticket in Brisbane
riggers ticket in Brisbane

Getting the riggers training in Brisbane qualifies the operator’s utilization of mechanical load shifting equipment and connected gear to maneuver properly in order to place or secure a load including plant, equipment, or members of a structure. It also includes the maintenance and dismantlement of cranes or hoists.

riggers ticket in Brisbane is categorized into 3 types, which are:

Basic Rigging

It involves rigging work, steel erection, safety nets, and static lines, mast climbers, perimeter safety screens and shutters, cantilevered crane loading platforms.

Intermediate rigging

It Involves cranes, conveyors, tilt slabs, self-climbing hoists, demolition, and dual lifts.

Advanced rigging

It consists of all previous rigging practices and involves gin poles, shear legs, flying foxes, cableways, guyed derricks, and structures and suspended and fabricated hung scaffolds.

When do I Renew My HRW Licence?

Although your High-Risk Work license might not have a clear expiry date. All states are running a program to change the issued national certificates of competency in order to replace the HRW standard license. Therefore, it is important that you contact your original state of issue regarding the validity of your license. Moreover, you should notify them of your current address before making an application. This way, you can convert your license to the new format.


Holders of any HRW Licence have to regularly renew their license on a 5 years basis. An operator has to possess Scaffolding Ticket, Dogman Ticket, and Rigging Ticket, to be able to work in high-risk work.

How to Choose the Best RTO for High-Risk Work Training?

you have to be mindful of settling on a Registered Training Organization (RTO) that has taken the necessary measures to supply all the physical resources. Moreover, to supply compliant training and assessing for High-Risk Work Licenses.